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September 01 2015

Chip Shot: Intel Announces its 6th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Family

Today Intel introduced the 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processor family, our best processors ever. 6th Gen Intel Core sets a new standard of computing with up to two and a half times the performance, triple the battery life and even better graphics than any previous processor. 6th Gen Intel Core processors have been optimized to best run Windows 10, enabling new PC experiences and removing common pain points while providing an incredibly secure computing experience. Find out why Kirk Skaugen, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group, thinks there has never been a better time to buy a new PC.

May 11 2015

Chip Shot: Turning 50 This Month, Moore’s Law Spurs Economic Growth in the Trillions


Turning 50 this month, Moore’s Law is the cornerstone on which today’s innovation is built. IHS said today that Moore’s Law has generated a minimum of $3 trillion in incremental GDP and up to $11 trillion when including the indirect impact. At an event tonight, Gordon Moore is expected to highlight that without increasing funding for basic research and focus on STEM education advancements such as Moore’s Law may not happen in the future, potentially hobbling economic growth and increases in living standards.

Gordon Moore: Thoughts on the 50th Anniversary of Moore’s Law

Infographic: Moore’s Law Celebrating Five Decades of Innovation


April 19 2015

Chip Shot: Moore’s Law Turns 50 Today

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law, an unspoken agreement between the electronics industry and the world economy that inspires engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs to think about what is possible. Moore’s Law enables much of today’s innovation – wearable technology, genomic sequencing, smart cities –and is helping industries tackle seemingly intractable problems and turning fantastic ideas into profitable business ventures. What will the next 50 years hold?

April 03 2015

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Moore’s Law

Marking the 50th anniversary of Intel co-founder Gordon Moore’s seminal paper, today Intel leads the industry in celebrating the profound impact that Moore’s Law has had on our world. Moore’s Law has continued to drive staggeringly fast progress in computing technology to deliver unprecedented economic benefits and societal changes.

January 15 2015

Chip Shot: Latest Intel Graphics Drivers Enhanced for 4th gen and 5th gen Core Processors

Intel released a new driver with support for Intel 5th Generation Intel Core processors with HD Graphics 5500, HD Graphics 6000, and Iris Graphics 6100 and key enhancements for Intel 4th Generation Intel Core Processors. Benefits of updating to this d…

December 04 2014

Chip Shot: Intel Extreme Masters Gaming Tournament Makes First US Stop

This weekend at the SAP center in San Jose, home to the NHL’s Sharks, another group of intense competitors will take over the stadium. The Intel Extreme Masters gaming tournament will see some of the world’s top PC gamers specializing in League of Leg…

October 09 2014

Chip Shot: Intel’s Highest-end Mobile Processors Unleashed by Alienware

Alienware, manufacturer of blazing fast PCs for enthusiasts, today announced that all of its Intel® Core™ i7 processor-equipped Alienware 17 and Alienware 18 laptops will ship with factory-overclocked processors to reach speeds of up to 4.4Ghz. This helps make faster, more realistic gaming possible and will enable some of the highest-performance laptop PCs on the market. Alienware engineers really got creative and developed a new thermal solution to ensure reliable and cool operation in such a small system. Read more about these performance monsters.

January 13 2014

Intel Personalizes Shopping with Internet of Things, Big Data Technologies

Latest Intel-based Retail Technologies Blend Physical and Online Shopping Across Devices


  • Intel showcases new intelligent retail concepts including a full-length digital “mirror,” gesture-based product customization and a solution to eliminate long lines in stores.
  • Intel technology enables consumers to shop the looks from favorite television programs from their couch using a tablet or smartphone and play games to earn digital currency.
  • Intel helps address the 59 percent of retailers who cite lack of consumer insights as their biggest data-related problem with Intel big data solutions.

NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION CONVENTION & EXPO, New York, Jan. 13, 2014 –The retail landscape is expected to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the past 50 years due largely to the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data1. At the National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Convention & Expo from Jan. 13-14 in New York, Intel Corporation is showcasing new technologies that are available in market today, helping retailers make better use of big data while providing more engaging and personalized experiences for consumers who make purchases at home or in-store.

“Intel has been actively working with leading retailers and the industry for several years to enable retailers to use the Internet of Things to deliver more entertaining brand experiences while also reducing operational costs,” said Joe Jensen, general manager of Intel’s Retail Solutions Division. “We are taking those efforts a step further by delivering more intelligent solutions and enabling retailers to make better use of big data to deliver a more personalized shopping experience.”

Delivering Engaging Experiences Anytime, Anywhere
Today’s shoppers want to enjoy an engaging and seamless buying experience, regardless of where they are or what device they are using. With Intel-based Shopping Anywhere, consumers can intuitively shop the looks from their favorite television programs right from their couch. By using the Intel® Retail Client Manager, along with technology from NCR* and ACTV8.ME* loaded on a tablet or smartphone, viewers can identify the clothing an actor or actress is wearing in an episode and receive special offers, play games to earn digital currency, or purchase the outfit instantly and have it delivered directly to their door.

If a consumer prefers to bring the ease of online shopping with them in-store, the Intel® Core™ i7-based MemoryMirror* full-length, digital “mirror,” allows store shoppers to virtually try on multiple outfits, and view and compare previous looks on the mirror or via smartphone or tablet. The MemoryMirror uses Intel integrated graphics technology to create avatars of the shopper wearing various clothing that can be shared with friends to solicit feedback or viewed instantly to make an immediate in-store purchase.

Technology can also deliver a more interactive experience in larger retail settings, such as the car dealership, by offering the benefits and ease of online exploring. The Intel-based Intuitive Product Customization uses the power of gesture recognition to seamlessly blend the online and in-dealership experience. With Intuitive Product Customization, consumers use hand gestures to browse and interact with digital product information, including various paint colors, interior options and add-on features to customize their car and visualize with their desired options before ordering their car.

Today’s tech-savvy consumers have the option to shop whenever and wherever they want, including on mobile devices. Intel is also showing a range of tablets for in-store retail settings that enable a more proficient and knowledgeable sales force, as well as a more efficient and readily available checkout process. By using Intel-based mobile solutions, retailers can improve a range of functions for sales staff, including mobile point of sale, client service, inventory research, concierge services and management dashboards.

Using Big Data for More Personalized Shopping, Reduced Checkout
It is estimated that consumers spend almost $300,000 per minute shopping online2 and 78 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from a retailer who sends them offers relevant to their interests3. Additionally, 59 percent of retailers cite lack of consumer insights as their biggest data-related problem4. To help with this, Intel is working with retailers to help make better use of big data to deliver a more personalized experience across all channels of interaction with customers, while optimizing inventory management.

For example, to avoid shoppers arriving at a store to purchase a particular product only to find it’s sold out, retailers can better anticipate the right product mix for each store, determine optimal pricing and gain insight into the real-time status of inventory with Intel big data solutions. With the Intel Distribution of Apache Hadoop* software and analytics toolkit, retailers can mine patterns from data, build an enhanced emotional and behavioral 360-degree understanding of the customer, and reduce instances of lost opportunities. Lost sales from out-of-stock merchandise and deep discounts on overstocked products are estimated to cost retailers $818 billion annually5. By ensuring that each store has the exact products that its shoppers want and need, retailers can better ensure they always have the right product available at the right time.

Another way big data can help retailers deliver a more personalized shopping experience is through context-aware marketing. Intel Context Aware Marketing makes digital signage more effective by dynamically changing advertisements displayed on a sign based on the age and gender of the person viewing the sign. When a consumer walks by an Intel® Core-based digital sign, the Intel Advertising Framework technology can analyze information including weather trends, social media, and the shopper’s phone data to change the content and user interface to make it more relevant and personalized to the viewer. Intel Context Aware Marketing can also be tied to store inventory systems to display only advertisements for products currently available in-store.

Waiting in long, frustrating checkout lines could even become a thing of the past by effectively making use of big data. Intel-based Dynamic Staffing Optimization (DSO) can measure and analyze data including real-time traffic in and out of the store, queue length, the number of active and open registers, historical transaction data, and labor scheduling information to provide predictive recommendations to open or close registers based on expected customer traffic.

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Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Additional information about Intel is available at and

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1 “The History of Retail in 100 Objects,” The Store WPP, EMEA and Asia




5 HL, “Inventory Distortion ― Retail’s $800 Billion Global Problem,” May 2012

August 16 2013

Chip Shot: Intel Inspired 2 in 1 Ultrabooks™ on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live featured the Intel-inspired 2 in 1 Ultrabook™ in a comedic segment about the computing device — that offers both a laptop and tablet all-in-one — in a parody skit called, “The Ultrabook.” The shows’ characters say the 2 in 1 Ultrabook is like “two hearts that come together as one.” Watch it here.

June 20 2013

Chip Shot: The Adam Carolla Show Features the Intel-inspired Ultrabook™

Adam Carolla, host of The Adam Carolla Show, one of the most downloaded talk show podcasts, and David Wild, a contributor to Rolling Stones magazine, talk about the amazing features of the Intel-inspired Ultrabook™. Adam and David discuss the 2-in-1 Dell XPS Ultrabook, which is a laptop and tablet in one very thin-and-light mobile device, and highlight why people should replace their old technology with one of the new 2-in-1 Ultrabooks.