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July 18 2014

Chip Shot: Intel and NSF Support Healthcare Innovation with $3 Million Award

Yesterday, Intel and the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced the first InTrans award of $3 million to a team of researchers designing customizable, domain-specific computing hardware to address health care needs. The research, being led by a t…

July 11 2014

Chip Shot: Intel Powers Multitasking Soccer Fans around the World

Intel-World-Cup.jpgWatching a lot of soccer lately? Intel helps you stay in on the action. Whether it’s 2 in 1s, tablets and mobile phones, Intel has any number of options that makes sure that you won’t miss a game – and in any number of sizes. This photo depicts a worker using his Asus Memo Pad 7* to catch the big game, as his co-workers can’t help but look on. Visit to learn more!

June 26 2014

Chip Shot: Intel Congratulates the Class of 2014

Intel says congratulations to all students graduating this season with an image depicting one graduate’s journey from childhood, to graduation day, and on to the tech job of the future. Headlined by the words of Robert Noyce, Intel Co-founder (“Don’t be encumbered by history. Go off and do something wonderful”), the image depicts how one woman’s tinkering with a robot as a child laid the groundwork for her future as an innovator.


June 26 2014

Chip Shot: Intel Momentum on Android, Chrome Continues

Intel today provided more details on the company’s efforts to accelerate support of the Chrome* and Android* operating systems. There will be more than 80 Intel tablets running Android and 20 Chrome OS designs in market or coming later this year. Intel has been an industry leader in 64-bit – its latest Intel® Atom™ processors are all 64-bit enabled and ready to support the a 64-bit Android as soon as it becomes available. Intel is also working to make Android and Chrome OS application development easier by providing a number of tools and resources that ease the development process.  At Google I/O yesterday, Google announced Android TV, an exciting new interactive home entertainment platform that Intel is supporting Google in bringing to market.  Intel will also fully support Google’s additional security features in the Android L release.

June 25 2014

Chip Shot: Intel and Ford Give Cars Super Vision

Remember when you thought Mom had eyes in the back of her head? Today, new Mobile Interior Imaging (Mobii) reseach will top Mom’s super powers to see what’s going on in your car even when you aren’t in it. The technology stems from a joint research project from Intel and Ford that uses the Internet of Things to transform the way we interact with cars. Project Mobii uses data from in and around the car to personalize vehicle settings, increase privacy and deliver individualized experiences for drivers and passengers. The Mobii research also features a mobile app that gives remote access to the car, along with the ability to authorize or decline other drivers and peek inside to check on belongings.

June 24 2014

Chip Shot: Intel and NCWIT Support 10,000 U.S. Girls in After-School Programs

During the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting today, the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) announced a $3.71 million dollar Commitment to Action, in partnership with the Intel Foundation, to engage 10,000 middle sch…

June 19 2014

Chip Shot: Intel Launches Resource Platform Chrome Developer Zone

Bolstering its commitment to Chrome OS, Intel launched Chrome Developer Zone, a new site that features videos, tutorials and sample code for application developers. The Chrome Developer Zone has a range of resources, including ones that teach develope…

May 21 2014

Chip Shot: Intel Announces Comprehensive Developer Environment for OpenCL Applications

Today Intel announced the new version of Intel ® SDK for OpenCL* Applications. As visual applications continuously evolve, it is important that graphic capabilities and performance keep pace with these rapid changes. To meet these demands, Intel is offering developers a free, unified development environment that offers offline compilation, debugging, code advising and code samples. Through this development environment, developers are able to leverage the graphic capabilities of OpenCL API on Intel® HD Graphics and Intel® Iris Graphics. OpenCL is supported on Intel’s CPUs, Intel® graphics technology, and the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor. For more information on the new Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2014, visit the Intel Developer Zone.

April 22 2014

Chip Shot: Intel x86 Devices Get Adobe AIR Support on Android

Adobe today announced native packaging support of AIR applications for Intel® Architecture based Android devices. According to Adobe, they are responding to increasing developer demand for support of Intel® Atom™ processor-based devices. There are more than 50,000 unique AIR mobile applications published to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and Intel is excited about the opportunity this provides developers worldwide to publish new and existing content for the 40 million Intel-based tablets expected to ship this year. Adobe will be enabling developers with the ability to package their applications in both shared and captive modes. A beta version of the run-time featuring this capability will soon be available in the AIR SDK on Adobe Labs. The final version will be out with Adobe’s next major release of AIR, which will be published on the Google Play Store.

April 09 2014

Chip Shot: Global IoT Day – A Good Day for a Reality Check

The Internet of Things (IoT) has generated excitement and momentum across the world, and Intel is pleased to support Global IoT Day 2014. For IoT to reach its full potential innovators must address critical issues: bringing connectivity and intelligen…