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January 11 2016

Chip Shot: The Royal Shakespeare Company, Intel and The Imaginarium Studios Join Forces to Bring New Magic to 21st Century Theatre


Today the Royal Shakespeare Company announced a new production of William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, produced in collaboration with Intel and in association with The Imaginarium Studios. The companies will collaborate to create a revolutionary production as part of RSC’s winter season 2016. For the first time, performance capture technology will be used to render an animated character live on the Royal Shakespeare Theatre stage. Standard Intel technology is used to manage massive data processing required for live digital content projection – from Intel® Xeon™ to Intel® Core™ i7 processors.

November 13 2015

Intel Advances High Performance Computing System Designs for the ‘HPC Everywhere’ Era

During Supercomputing Conference 2015 (SC’15), Intel announced advancements to the Intel® Scalable System Framework (Intel SSF) to bring HPC capabilities and benefits to more industries. As a foundational element of Intel SSF, Intel introduced the Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel OPA), a new HPC-optimized fabric technology that makes HPC performance more accessible to companies and institutions of all sizes.

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November 12 2015

Accelerating Innovation in the Cloud

Cloud computing continues to transform all aspects of life, from how business gets done to the services we enjoy every day. Intel believes strongly that these capabilities and benefits should be made available to anyone, anywhere at any time. With its best-in-class hardware, plus investments and collaborations in the cloud software ecosystem through the Cloud for All initiative, Intel aims to help businesses take advantage of the cloud to deliver new capabilities and digital services by making public, private and hybrid cloud solutions easier to deploy.

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November 09 2015

Chip Shot: Intel Accelerates Industry’s Transition to Cloud-Ready Communications Networks

Today, Intel announced new products and collaborations to help the industry modernize today’s communications networks and build the foundation for 5G. The Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 product family, Intel® Ethernet Multi-host Controller FM10000 Family and Intel® Ethernet Controller X550 family will boost performance and enable more agile and intelligent networks for rapid delivery of services to both consumers and businesses. Intel also announced it is working with America Móvil, a leading mobile network operator in Latin America, to modernize its infrastructure and is expanding efforts with Red Hat to deliver standards-based solutions to the telecommunications industry.

November 09 2015

Intel Accelerates Industry’s Transition to Cloud-Ready Communications Networks

New Products and Ecosystem Collaborations Will Help the Industry Modernize Today’s Networks and Build the Foundation for 5G


  • Expansion of Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 product family and new Intel® Ethernet Controllers boost performance and bandwidth, and enable more intelligence in the network for rapid delivery of services to consumers and businesses.
  • Intel collaborates with industry leaders globally and announces that América Móvil* selected Intel as a technology partner to upgrade its network.
  • Intel grows its networking ecosystem to drive development and deployment of open, industry-standard solutions and announces collaboration with Red Hat* through Intel® Network Builders Fast Track.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 9, 2015 – Intel Corporation announced today new products and collaborations to accelerate the move toward more agile and cloud-ready communications networks that can address today’s demand for new telecommunications, cloud and data center services and handle tomorrow’s devices and services.

Billions of devices are becoming connected – from smartphones to cars to factories – and that brings new use cases and service opportunities that drive unprecedented growth in network and storage demands. Today’s networks are not designed in a way that allows communications providers to quickly or cost effectively expand their infrastructure. To realize the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and enhance mobile computing experiences, communications networks need to be re-architected, with increased programmability and built-in flexibility throughout the infrastructure to handle the anticipated increase in volume and complexity of data traffic.

“Networks are facing extraordinary demands as more devices become connected and new digital services are offered,” said Sandra Rivera, vice president, Data Center Group and general manager, Network Platforms Group, Intel. “Building intelligence throughout the communications infrastructure and using a standards-based approach offers service providers the foundation to build agile, cloud-ready networks that allow them to expand their services capabilities.”

Intel Expands Ecosystem, Product Portfolio to Lay Foundation for Cloud-Ready Networks

Intel is working closely with industry leaders, including Cisco*, SK Telecom* and Verizon*, to accelerate the move toward more flexible and responsive networks today and to lay the foundation for future 5G networks. Intel offers cutting-edge technology that increases network capabilities and bandwidth and is growing an ecosystem to deliver standards-based solutions. Intel announced:

  • América Móvil*, a leading mobile network operator in Latin America, recently selected Intel to be a technology consultant in an effort to evolve its networks to be more flexible, efficient and scalable. Intel will provide support and expertise to América Móvil as it modernizes its infrastructure to accelerate the launch of new services, automate its processes and reduce its network operation costs in Latin America and Europe.
  • New offerings in the Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 product family provide a foundation for extending intelligence from the network core to the edge for improved performance and lower latency. The eight new processors offer high-performance, low-power and twice the maximum memory of previous generations in an integrated system-on-chip, making them well-suited for various networking, cloud storage, enterprise storage and IoT applications that operate in dense, rugged environments. More than 50 networking, cloud storage, enterprise storage and IoT system designs using the Intel Xeon processor D-1500 product family are in development.
  • The new Intel® Ethernet Multi-host Controller FM10000 Family combines proven Ethernet technology with advanced switch resources for use in high-performance communications network applications and dense server platforms. With up to 200 Gbps of high-bandwidth multi-host connectivity and multiple 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports, it delivers exceptional packet processing capability and significantly reduces performance bottlenecks in moving network traffic within and between servers.
  • The new Intel® Ethernet Controller X550 family is a low-power, cost-effective 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity solution that can offer a performance boost to data center servers and network appliances.
  • Intel is actively driving a networking ecosystem and has grown the Intel® Network Builders program to more than 180 companies. In August, Intel introduced the Intel® Network Builders Fast Track to increase the pace of innovation in the networking ecosystem by optimizing hardware and software solutions, supporting technology integration within the ecosystem and driving interoperable solutions.
  • Red Hat* is the first ISV to actively contribute to all key focus areas of the Intel Network Builders Fast Track. Red Hat brings strong expertise in commercializing open source technologies and has a long-standing collaboration with Intel to deliver standards-based solutions to the telecommunications industry. Through the expanded collaboration, the two companies will work together on optimizations to deliver carrier-grade solutions based on Red Hat software and Intel technology, jointly develop solution blueprints for communications networking use cases, and perform interoperability testing of their platforms with other ecosystem solutions.

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About Intel
Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. As a leader in corporate responsibility and sustainability, Intel also manufactures the world’s first commercially available “conflict-free” microprocessors. Additional information about Intel is available at newsroom.intel.com and blogs.intel.com, and about Intel’s conflict-free efforts at conflictfree.intel.com.

Intel, Intel Atom, Xeon and  and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.

1 As compared to maximum memory of the Intel® Atom™ processor C2000 product family

November 04 2015

Intel Accelerates Industry’s Transition to Cloud-Ready Communications Networks

Intel Announces new products and ecosystem collaborations to help the industry transition to cloud-ready communications networks.VideosNews ArticlesImageryPress MaterialsInfographics back to topMultimediaVideo: Imagine a Cloud-Ready NetworkVideo: Int…

October 21 2015

Chip Shot: Intel® Xeon® Processors to Power DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration’s New CTS-1 Supercomputing Clusters

Penguin Computing today announced with Intel that the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) will install Penguin Computing’s Tundra™ Extreme Scale (ES) series, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, to bolster computing for the NNSA’s mission of ensuring the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear stockpile. The systems are being procured under NNSA’s tri-laboratory Commodity Technology Systems program, or CTS-1, as part of the NNSA’s Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) program and will serve Los Alamos, Sandia and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories. The Tundra ES series, an instantiation of  the Intel® Scalable System Framework, is based on a high-density Open Compute architecture and features Intel Xeon E5-2695 v4 processors to deliver a peak performance range of 7-9 petaflops. When complete, these supercomputing clusters will be one of the world’s largest Open Compute-based installations. For more information, check out the Penguin Computing release.

October 19 2015

Chip Shot: New Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1200 v5 Family Boosts Compute and Graphics Performance for Entry-level Workstations

Intel today introduced the Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1200 v5 product family for entry-level workstations – a powerful processing and graphics platform for designers, engineers, scientists and animators to develop more quickly their complex product designs and research. Based on Intel’s 14nm Skylake architecture, the product family delivers up to 27 percent higher compute and graphics performance compared to the previous generation Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v3 product family. The processors feature 4 cores, ranging in frequency from 2.0 GHz to 3.7 GHz, and have an integrated Intel® HD Graphics P530 graphics solution with certification from the leading workstation software vendors. The product family features 20 PCIe Gen3 ports to enable the use of the latest generation, high performance SSDs, and supports Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory to keep applications running reliably and the data uncompromised. For additional information on Intel mobile, pedestal and data center-hosted workstation platforms, visit: www.intel.com/workstations.

October 08 2015

Chip Shot: New Amazon EC2 X1 Instance Type Powered by Highest Performing Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v3

Today at re:Invent, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced new Amazon EC2 X1 instances, which will feature up to 2 TB of memory, a full order of magnitude larger than the current generation of AWS high-memory instances. Demonstrating the importance of ob…

September 29 2015

Chip Shot: Custom Intel® Xeon® Server CPUs Power New Microsoft* Azure DV2-series Virtual Machines

Today at AzureCon, Microsoft* announced availability of DV2, the next-generation of D-series virtual machines sizes. DV2 instances are powered by customized 2.4 GHz Intel® Xeon® E5 v3 processors, and with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 …